Website Design , Search Engine Optimisation SEO, and Content Management (CMS)

Eleven years expirence of small and large company website design and search engine optimisation. Some website design with intricate content management systems and some with small CMS, but always with practical website design and SEO (Search engine optimisation) built in.

  Why you should use Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and good website design

Without Search engine optimisation then only searcher who know your website will find it, Website design alone will not bring you new customers.You need search engine optimisation

InternetDM have built a content management system (cms), with a css website design which is geared to be SEO (Search engine optimisation) friendly. The CMS ( content management system) allows input of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) words and has google xml sitemap built in so SEO (Search Engine optimisation) changes are fast.

Examples of our small business website: (with search engine optimisation)

Garden and lawn irrigation specialists website

Builder and plasterer Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge , Pembury  and Southborough area.


Delta Fencing , gates, sheds and concrete bases


 Website Design is important but with out Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO) who will find the site.